Photography is a form of meditation to me, transporting me to another world, inspiring me to see things differently. For me, there’s a romance about photography I can touch and feel. It’s mesmerising. Thanks for stopping by.

Kris. x

About Me


I’ve always sought to create beautiful images and capture moments to be treasured forever. From the romance of the dark room where images come to life through ripples of liquid, to mastering light in digital photography, I continue to be inspired every day. My passion is celebrating women of all ages and walks of life, utilising portrait photography, personal branding, travel and fine art photography to tell unique stories with creative vision.

Narratives of place, people and culture pervade imagery as subtle cues of faded grandeur and bygone eras evoke romantic and ethereal European sensibilities.

For me, creativity extends beyond the lens; sumptuous locations, styling, lighting, and art direction are individually considered to draw out beauty, personality and style, celebrating people and their unique narratives with an artistic and cosmopolitan eye.


You could say I’ve been in love with photography all my life and that would pretty much be true. I’ve been taking photos for many years, from posing my sister in the backyard with my first camera when I was a young girl, to documenting my travels, photographing everyday life; weddings, christenings, friends and family and humanitarian projects. I love creating beautiful images that capture precious moments to be treasured forever.

I’m drawn to creative projects and activities that give back to the community and empower women. This passion has guided me in both my personal and professional life, working to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities through a focus on social impact.


From my first fine art exhibition titled Dreams and Visions: What’s Your Reality? held in The Rocks, Sydney, to my most recent exhibition Homage to Frida at The Shop Gallery Glebe, my love of photography, visual story-telling and discovery through the visual arts continues to evolve.

Inspiration for fine art, portraiture and editorial works stem from diverse sources, including culture, travel, art, the masters of photography, history and design, informing a photography style which is feminine and strong, vivid, and rich in colour, detail and texture.

Collaborations with stylists, creatives and performers are thoughtfully considered to enrich and enhance the creative integrity and vision of each fine art project.

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