The power of photography lies in its ability to evoke memories, to remind us of love, of friendship, of shared times. To look deep into a photo and see that moment of true happiness and joy, and a connection shared with another human being – that is the true beauty of photography.

Kris Ashpole

I love seeing how light falls, the shadows it makes, the magic it creates.  To me, portrait sessions are more than a shoot; they are an opportunity to tell a story through the creative lens, celebrating life and unique experiences. I reveal the people I photograph with sensitivity, depicting beauty in a timeless and treasured work of art.

Travel awakens, inspires and connects. It opens up the world to immersive experiences, personal growth, and photographic adventure, inspiring me through culture, history, and design. Through once in a lifetime tours, destination portrait shoots, travel stories, and a collection of treasured fine art photographic prints, I’m excited to share my travel journeys with you.

Inspiring figures, history, personal experience, and travel all come together to influence my collection of fine art photography in the ultimate expression of story-telling. My aim is to bring to life conceptual ideas exploring life, love, and humanity through an on-going collection of fine art creative prints and photojournalistic travel stories.  “Homage to Frida” was my most recent exhibition focussing on the life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.


I loved every minute of this portrait session with actress Angie Tricker at Studio Neon in Sydney’s inner west.  It was such a fun shoot! Starting the day in a reflective mood, we later amped up the volume to capture Angie and all the different moods and expressions she can create – and she was amazing. She is a chameleon (a good thing when you’re an actress) – I can see a bit of Laura Dern, Angelica Houston and Meryl Streep in her.

Galerie Atelier Guix, Paris Shopfront


Travel is not simply a means of enjoying the present, it offers experiences that will enrich our lives for evermore.  It’s undeniably the best way for me to refresh and rekindle my love of life, people and culture, and reinvigorate creative energies. It is rewarding, both in the moment and for years to come.

For me, the most evocative memories are experienced away from guide book favourites, Instagram hot-spots and travel check-lists. Places where I allow myself time to wander and explore, where getting lost is the very point itself…


I was first introduced to Frida Kahlo when I did an art elective during my science degree. I vividly remember our lecturer talking about Frida, her life, and her paintings.  Frida’s art, her incredible personal story, her strength and bravery touch people in deeply personal ways as many can relate to her life and see some of her experiences reflected in their own (even if only a little).  Her legacy seems to become stronger and stronger as the years go on with new generations of people and in particular young women discovering her.

Fine Art Photography Book - Fundraising for women and children in India

My fine art photography coffee table book – ‘Travels through Rajasthan, India’, is a fundraiser for India and the Sambhali Trust, Jodhpur India, an NGO empowering women and children and supporting them through COVID.  Order your copy now – only 12 left.


You could say I’ve been in love with photography all my life and that would pretty much be true. I’ve been taking photos for many years, from posing my sister in the backyard with my first camera when I was a young girl, to documenting my travels, photographing everyday life; weddings, christenings, friends and family. I love creating beautiful images that capture precious moments to be treasured forever…

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Kris. x