Private Portraits

Celebrating life and style

Photography for me is all about celebrating life, love and friendships and creating memories. I have had the pleasure of taking numerous portraits of women over the years. I love taking portraits; capturing inner beauty, moments of fun, joy, laughter, vulnerability and strength. Portraying the essence of person in a timeless and enduring art form to be treasured forever.


In a world where we strive to reach our goals and dreams, there’s nothing better than pausing; slowing down even for a day, to celebrate life. A creative collaboration to recognise achievements, both big and small, and to celebrate success. Whether you simply want to take time out to celebrate you, a new job, a life-long friendship, a new life you’ve created, my Private Portrait Sessions are developed specifically for you.


We’ll bring together all the elements- from location, wardrobe, styling, jewelry and props, to create a sumptuous European inspired experience. Your portrait session will take place in Sydney (other locations possible on request), with carefully selected locations such as historic buildings, sumptuous interiors, grand gardens, or even your own home as a backdrop.

Luxury Editorial portrait shoot by Kris Ashpole Photography


A truly luxurious day shining the light on you. The Luxury Editorial Shoot is more than a simple studio portrait shoot, it’s a way to connect with your spirit, to dance, love, laugh and radiate life’s magic, all captured in an artistic, creative and sumptuous style.

You’ll walk away feeling celebrated and cared for, feeling glamourous and most of all, have captured beautiful moments of happiness radiating through your authentic self, to reflect on and love for life.

Treasured Moments

The creative process begins when you book, and includes two consultation sessions to get to know your story and inner beauty and allow me to tap into your true self, while we collaborate to bring together all the elements which make great photos; wardrobe, styling, accessories, location, mood.

On the day, transport to and from the shoot, professional hair and makeup, and a gourmet breakfast or lunch to break up the day make sure a beautiful, relaxed you can enjoy the day, feeling pampered and vibrant.

A preview session of individually edited imagery, and a selection of printing options allow you to customise the image selection to be sure you have all your favourite moments for years to come…

I would love to photograph you.


Book a consultation to discuss your dream portrait session.

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“I absolutely loved my shoot with Kris and her beautiful sister and stylist Meg. By the end of the day we felt as if we had known each other all our lives and spent the day laughing and sharing life experiences as though we had. We were shooting in a public location and I was certainly outside of my comfort zone yet Kris's ability to connect with me and make me feel comfortable made the process fun and the day memorable. Though she was able to keep things light and keep me at ease Kris was incredibly professional and captured some beautiful photos of me feeling alive. Kris is a very talented photographer there is no doubt about it but I believe this isn't a job for Kris - capturing people, their story, their experience is her love. Her Art. I found a remarkable photographer in Kris Ashpole and a friend for life.”

Stacey Graham

“Photographs are 2 dimensional so it takes a very special and talented photographer to connect with their subject in such a way that it enables them to capture the very essence of who they are in beautiful and emotive portraits. Kris Ashpole is that kind of photographer! I was fortunate and blessed to have her capture myself and the gala dresses I have made in a series of photographs that reminded me of who I am, how people see me and my great love of dressmaking. I find myself currently at crossroads in my career journey, at times feeling less confident, about myself and unsure of where I am heading but Kris’ photographs are a strong and beautiful reminder of my essence and my strength and gives me that much needed confidence boost! Thank you Kris for “seeing” me and for creating beautiful portraits that I will cherish forever! ”

Sigrid Rijgersberg-von Stockhausen

“Recently I was privileged to have a photo shoot with the extremely talented Kris Ashpole. The whole day was a dream! I was very reserved about the day at first as I am quite shy about being photographed. But Kris made me feel so relaxed and special from the get go. She arrived at my house with Sabrina her makeup artist and it was a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere around these two incredible professionals. The photo shoot was exciting and Kris already had ideas about what she intended to capture. I felt very confident in her care and found myself opening up to the experience, allowing Kris to work her magic. I was beyond amazed at the results she achieved. My beautiful photo album is now a treasure to pass down to my grandchildren. An experience not to be missed. ”

Megan Keighran

“Kris was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Our portrait session delivered some of my favourite photos ever. Kris is incredibly organised which made the whole process so easy. Her hair and makeup artist was fantastic. Kris made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera - which is not easy! Kris gave simple directions and helped with poses to capture a wonderful range of images. I also asked Kris to capture some photos with my husband who is very reluctant to get in front of the camera. He now uses these as his profile shots too as he loved them. Kris has a creative eye and a beautiful energy and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Christina Butcher

“While being in front of a camera for more formal portraits took me out of my comfort zone, working with Kris, it was easy to forget that discomfort, play and be in the moment. While Kris’s watchful eye was always observing for nuances in how I was standing, sitting or holding myself and gently adjusted anything that may have looked out of place, for the most part, she just looked for natural moments to capture. I love watching her pursuit of natural lighting through her lens, and seeing the end result and how she has used it is fantastic. She found beautiful places to stage our shoot and I felt like a million dollars throughout. The final photos captured not only my exterior but also interior personality which was really lovely.”

Jacqueline Bawtree